Friday, September 19, 2014

When HIM finally met HER (List of the things that Men usually did when he really Likes the Woman)

Do gals are the only one who believes in ‘Forever?’, ‘In happy ending?’, ‘True Love’, ‘Sparks’ and ‘Endless Love’? What about the dudes? Of course they do. Some of you won’t believe that or maybe you’ll just shake your head and disapproves. But to tell you the truth, SOME GUYS do believe in those things, that’s when they finally meet the RIGHT GIRL for them. And we don’t know about that, to tell you honestly, but maybe what are the things that could possibly lead you to believing that this guy has forever in his heart?

1.       When He thinks of you mostly. He starts the day thinking of you and end the day still thinking of you. It may be physically, or by texting or calling, but the great part ladies, is that your face is in his head. And it’s a nice point for you girls, because he’s crazy about you. Something might give him a hint that your personality is extraordinary.
2.       Even little things you did matters to him. Yup! No big surprises, even the little ones can get him into sparks fly. Men do appreciate that especially when it comes to their love ones. You may think it’s nothing but for them it’s the whole world to them and once it hit them so much there’s no turning back girls.
3.       He truly cares for you. He minds you a lot. Care what you’re doing; what you’ve been up to, he cares if you’ve eaten the lunch or dinner. He do all the caring because he’s treating you like a princess.
4.       Your imperfections are the perfect ones for him. It may sounds so cheesy but it does girls. Because he doesn’t see that in a bad way, he sees that as you, being true to yourself and therefore he loves it more.
5.       You laugh at crazy things and mostly only the two of you can only understand about it. That’s the thing about connections. You have a special wire that connects you and him. A simple look may mean something and you’ll get it in just a snap it’s because you understand him. That simple joke will make you the both of you laugh hard and will make even more funny when time comes.
6.       There’s no dull time. He doesn’t mind if you’re not doing interesting or something. Sometimes, man has a full time potential of by just looking at your beautiful face.
7.       He wants you to be there in his special occasions. He wants you to be there to witness his success, his triumphs because It means that you are part of it and he wants to show you that this man is more than anything else to prove to you that his good enough and man-up.
8.       He wants you to be there even in the saddest moment of his life. Well, true enough maybe he doesn’t tell you this, but girls it is important for a man to know that you’re there to listen. LISTENING is enough, enough talking so much I will only irritate them.
9.       He doesn’t laugh about your insecurities. He didn’t make it so hard to be an issue but instead he listens and tries to be a friend in your most ‘girly’ times.

Well honestly, there are more of that. We can’t measure how a Man loves his Woman, but whatever it is when the time is actually right and the moment is all set and done. He’ll just know that you’re the ones for him. 

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