Wednesday, September 17, 2014


(This may be your mother or both of them, nonetheless, they’re both heroes in action)
(These things maybe unconscious or not)

1.       He taught me how to dance- Just like in the famous line song ‘Oh How I love to dance with my Father again’, it is obvious that our fathers bring the dance floor for us. But before it’s too late, unconsciously they are the crazy dancers in the family. They just do the crazy grooves and steps at the beat of MJ’s songs. But when that specific song designated to play on your 18th dance, it is particularly the most heart whelming dance you’ll ever had. Just one foot ahead and he’ll take the lead.
2.       He taught me how to ride a bicycle- First ever feeling of trying so hard to run a bicycle? Feels like crap. Can’t do the balance thing, but he’s there to hold the bike. Can’t run the bike on my own. He’s still there to make it run. First ever feeling of having scars on your knees? And you feel like shit. But someone will lend a hand and he’s up there smiling cause after all you heard that it’s part of it and you’re doing good. And you feel like exhausted cause you’ve got a wound bleeding and your dad said you’re doing well.
 First ever feeling of riding a bike and you feel like superman flying, feel like a jaguar for running fast, and feel so strong and carefree. You feel like a hero. Then there he is waving at you. Somehow you learn to manage to run the bike, thanks to him.
3.       He taught me how to sing- Song pieces of The Beatles, Beegees, Carpenters, and Scorpions etc. You just have to sing it and memorize the lyrics. You’ll have a duet for some time. Then after a countless of rehearsals, one day you’re in the stage and ready to be named ‘contestant #1’.
4.       He taught me how to play a guitar- First major keys, then the minors, then the flats, it makes my fingers swell. But he’s the dude who always wanted to have a big jam back at home. A little Hey Jude song would be the remedy.
5.       He taught me how to play sports- Fathers, when it comes to sports are really serious. They have big consciousness when it comes to sports—outdoor or indoor. They are the ones who taught us to play basketball, that first lay-up, those first free throws, and how to box out. They are the ones who taught us in their most dull times on how to play chess, the big role of the Queen and the ‘L’ move of the horse. They are the ones who sometimes played with us. Doesn’t matter if it is volleyball, soccer, and football or even scrabble. It is just that they are fascinated with sports.
6.       He taught me how to court- In some guys you probably would say a big NO. But unconsciously, your fathers taught you the big ideas on how to make a woman fall in love to you. You may see the ideas of how your fathers treat your beloved mothers, you may sometimes heard some quick tips or maybe if you have the guts, you just asked them how. Whatever it is, they are the rulers in this game.
7.       He taught me how to love action films- Name it, Jean Claude Vandamme, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Jackie Chan, Mel Gibson and many many more. I just first saw them when I was a child since when my father let me watch their famous films. And no wonder I heard him shout sometimes, it’s because somehow, I also loved the way it was done.
8.       He taught me how to choose my best team- There’s this kind of cycle, that when you’re child, you somehow also choose the team that your father most make the bet and love to cheer at. You seem so amaze back then, on how he terribly disappoints, once his team loses and how he greatly jump when it wins. But somehow, you also choose the team he favored the most.
9.       He taught me how to make a great coffee- Coffee is basically the basic beverage for fathers, it lies along with a good breakfast and a trendy newspaper. Afternoon would be like the same, except you’re the one who’s  going to make the coffee and somehow you learned the trick on how to make it tastes good based on how he likes—black or creamy.
10.   He taught me how to be myself- We, especially the boys look up to their fathers us their heroes, as their idols, as their superman. We somehow wish to be like them when we grow old, cause we respect them and we idolize them.  As we are growing old, we learn to appreciate the fact that somehow we are different from them. We can’t be like them because every people are unique. We just take guidelines to them but we can’t be like them. They just help us to know ourselves better and therefore, appreciate that we are individuals and we need to be US.

Ten is not enough. There are more of these things that they taught us. Whatever it is, I am sure that our fathers love us no matter what we are. Just like 


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    Ms. Blogger could you write something about animals especially dogs they also teach us valuable lessons in life not to mention they are cute. More power and godbless


    1. Of course dear! I'll let you know about this. Thanks for the comment

  2. You can make use of the title that I have always wanted to use "lifes a bark"