Sunday, November 6, 2016

10 things I hate but makes me love you.


I hate it when I ask you “what are you thinking?” Then you’ll say nothing, even though there is. It makes me wanted to wonder in your world.

I hate it when you lie or whenever I felt that you’re lying. I honestly wanted to know all the details, big or small.

I hate it when you take 5 cigs a day (or more) or get drunk on evenings. I am concern about your health, I wanted to be with you for the longest time, because we have so much things to do.

I hate it when you look at me & I’ll ask you “Why?” then you’ll say nothing. If you wanted to tell me I am beautiful or if you love me, or if there’s a dirt on my face, please tell me. I wanted to hear it from you.

I hate it when you accidentally steps on my foot or trip. I walk fast remember? So why?

I hate it when you fall asleep & forget to text me good night. I know you’re tired, but please before going to sleep, send me a good night message, when the night comes, I wanted my last text message would be coming from you.

I hate it when you sip your drink louder. It’s kinda cute, but others are looking. But it’s you, so it’s okay anyway.

I hate it when we fight, either it’s me who started or you, I just really don’t like the feeling. But whenever it will happen, please let us always try our best to work things out.

I hate it when you’re thinking you’ll disappoint me or you’ll fail. I wanted you to know that I am here in your worst & best moments in your life.

I hate knowing all the girls you like before.


I love it when you touch my cheeks, chin, ears & back. It’s like you’re playing with my sensation.

I love it when you hold my hand, while we’re walking in the middle of the night, just the two of us. You make me feel safe.

I love it how you protect me while crossing the streets, you’re so into it. I also do love while you patiently wait for me when I came from work. It touches my heart, knowing that you’ll be waiting for me. I will always appreciate your efforts.

I love it when you say my name or our endearment, it’s like my name has a new meaning.

I love looking at you while you eat, you make me realize that foods shouldn’t come into waste, every bit of it. I love the nights when we decided to drink outside, talk & have a meaningful conversation. You are the best food buddy I ever have.

I love it when you say you’ll support me, I love it, that even though it’s not your thing to photograph foods or places, you still join me in my hobby & make sure will get the right shot.

I love knowing that even though, I am the craziest, moodiest, weirdest person in the world, you always choose to stay & still interested in knowing my thoughts.

I love how you respect me, it really shows , for telling me I am beautiful, that you’re proud of me & that you’re lucky to have me as your partner. It made me feel the best.

I love it when we both plan & think about our future together, to the places we would go, to the times we can spend all the time & be fool & stupid in love.

1   I love it when you tell me you are happy when you’re with me, that even though I have my own flaws, you still love me & you will always choose to love me.  And there’s more to love about you.