Saturday, February 28, 2015

That thing called “Moving on” ( Top cliché lines you’ll always hear when suffering from heartbreak)

Sometimes… though, hearing it a thousand times… it goes too well.
This is a true story. It is definitely is.

Dear Heartache,

      Be strong- There’s no other way but to be strong. If you insist to be weak all the time then darling you're the one who’s hurting yourself. It is too much. The only person you’re believing for and hoping for is you. Yes yourself. You have to believe that you can do this, even if thousands of memories came flashing back one by one.

   Cry- Contrary to the first one, well this only means that don’t act too strong, like acting nothing happened, like everything’s perfect and nothing actually hurt deep inside. Yes you have to be strong in a way that you believe that you can pass this heartbreaking situation that you can actually move on and feel happy again. Ignoring is so different from moving on. When you actually ignore, it more comes to you that nothing is finished, that you actually leave your heart unasked. Cry, if you feel hurt and if it makes you better… then cry. There’s no crime it in. It actually makes your heart feel better than keeping all the hurt inside.

   Don’t blame him/her, don’t blame yourself- Okay, maybe he’s/she’s the one who made the mistake, or maybe you. The point is, it is already done. You guys already made a choice. You’ve hurt one another, and that’s not a good thing but in reality it happens. Say sorry for fooling around and if he/she wants a second chance then you’re all good, maybe you don’t need to read this. But if it doesn’t go too well, then don’t blame anyone for what happened. Sometimes, the person you love and believe for was not the person you love anymore or maybe sometimes believing that he’s/she’s the one wasn’t the answer for forever. It happens. One day you love the person you are with and then the next day you woke up not feeling the same love you share with him/her... it doesn’t feel the same way again.

      Be with your friends- The crazy people don’t leave you just like that. It maybe heartbreaking to be with them while talking about your problems and thinking that something change and thinking that you are sad and single. Well, the break up just happened, so tell them, voice out if you feel comfortable. Hang out with them, cause sometimes, they bring the fresh jokes ever and wishing that you can smile just for a while.

      Talk to a new friend- Talking to a friend about your story is a good thing. But sometimes you need someone new, it helps because your new friend doesn’t have to be bias in terms of advising about your problems and believe it or not, sometimes you mostly said the loudest words you kept from your friends. Lastly, you get new encouraging words from your new friend. (Watch “That thing called tadhana”)

           Don’t hide in the dark side- Go somewhere! Somewhere, where you can voice out your feelings alone, where you can think all the things that happened between you and your guy/girl. Refresh your mind and help yourself to keep the track back. Feel the moment of finally being alone, okay feel the hurt, but after suffering from your deep thoughts, learn to be appreciative. Sometimes you have to come into this kind of scene because it is part of your life.

        Think about the good side- Maybe there’s something good that will come. So cliché, but yeah, you know what they say… someone leaves, someone comes. Think about the bright side darling, it maybe hurtful at first, but once you get the idea of finally spending time with your lost long friends, your family, your siblings or maybe spending a lot by yourself, you sometimes feel more appreciative about the person that is around you. There are a lot of people that loves you even if that one person leaves you. There is someone coming ready to save you and this time it is the right one.

             Try- Don’t be afraid of meeting someone new. It comes with readiness. Don’t try if you’re not ready… yet. Try and believe again in the magic of love. How can you know he’s the right one if you didn’t even try because you’re too scared? I can’t promise you that when the right one comes, you’ll never be hurt again but that’s full of shit. You have to remember that when you started to love, you have to be ready for pain. But … if he’s/she’s really the one that God wants you to be with, then no matter what happened… he’s/she’s always be your forever.

             Accept- Accept the changes that will happened to you. The daily habit of being with him/her was no longer on your planner. It’s time to accept the big changes in your life and change it with the small ones up to the big ones. Once you’ve accept the truth… slowly you mend the broken heart.

             Pray- Eat. Pray. Love. Simple. Eat for you to be full. Pray for you to be live. Love for you to be loved. 


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