Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Art of getting what you want

"We don't always get what we want"
"If you want it, take it"
"I'll get what I always wanted"

Somethings are meant to be yours, sometimes it don't, but it's the matter of the process of how you get the things you want. Did you do nothing or you strive strategies to pick your apples?

1. Therapy (Act like a Psychologist)
Don't focus on what your opponent is saying, instead focus on what might she/he is thinking. This applies for money-related negotiations. "Focus on the walk away number not their goal."

2. Ask
You can't get what you wanted if it is not clear and specific. So ask. For an instance, at work if you want to get a raise or a higher position, you better ask for it. How will you know the answers if you don't mind to ask it?

3. Sacrifice first, Success later
It is easy to wish for something but hard to get through it. Are you ready to cross the rocky road? You better be. If you ask then the person will give a risk to grant you, so prove your worth.

4. Be Valuable
Benefit the organization, so they can hold a hard grip on you. If you are productive, a hard working person and is expertise at work, then they won't let you go.

 5. Persistence
Like what I've said, not every thing you wanted can be granted to you. If that happens, don't give up so quickly. Remember that when you get things from hardwork, the fruit is always sweeter than ever.


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