Friday, April 22, 2016


It’s been quite awhile since I’ve been reading 365 ways of a healthier and happier you better each day by Jessica Cassity and before having this book I have a loooong way of figuring out which and why to buy a book for that day. Actually that day, I feel so down and uneasy with myself that I have decided to buy a book that will inspire me. (1) What career to choose on (2) Do I need to change directions? (3) Misdirection of what path to choose on (4) How to be happy and successful. These are the thoughts that keep on playing in my mind while I scan the books and find my perfect match.
I have come to like 6 books. (1) How to be successful in your chosen career (2) Things that scares you (3) Things that inspires you (4) Steps on moving forward (5) The answer to your questions (6) The book I have finally chosen.  I am really torn to number 1, 5 and 6. But I chose the latter. 365 days for a happier you, hmmm sounds good for spending 800 php for a book. It will be a great help for me every day since every time I can read just one page on it and then learn something from it to hopefully apply on that specific day. I haven’t finished the book yet, of course. But while I’m scanning, I have chosen ten things that I/You can do for a day and just ease your mind and somehow feel better than okay.

(1)   Television viewing doesn’t actually let you unwind – Instead, go for a walk or look at the nature outside if you really wanted to relax, cause watching TV, is not really for relaxation, it is for entertaining so having said it, your mind is still working. They’ve said that just by looking a tree outside, it will make you feel good somehow, because a tree represents hope.
(2)   Don’t skimp on sleep – Sleep deprivation will lead your brain to function below its full potential. If you have a presentation/exam tomorrow better prepared earlier and take a nap to refresh your brain because if you keep on studying even if you’re tired, 40% of the information will take in into your brain. (P.S Sometimes, this thing does not go well to many of us, but at least try some time and observe if it works on you).
(3)   Nix the iced tea to prevent kidney stones – According to Loyola University Chicago’s Stritch School of Medicine, if ice tea is your favorite thirst-quencher, you may likely to put yourself into having kidney problems. The culprit is oxalate, a chemical found in tea that is the key for the formation of small salt and mineral crystals. So, I might be ordering lemonade or water that can actually inhibit the growth of kidney stones.
(4)   Invest in Happiness – This is an all time favorite tag, yet it is true. Studies shows that spending money on shopping can make you actually feel better but sooner declines, but having to spend your money on a weekend vacation, having to learn diving or exploring the beaches or fell in love with the nature, it is much more satisfying and a good start to invest.
(5)   Deter dementia with higher education – European researchers have actually added to your pro-school list. If you’re thinking of going back to school again, chances are you reduce the risk of having dementia by 11%. Scientists found that for each year of education you accumulate, education somehow makes the brain better able to compensate for changes brought by dementia.
(6)   Addicted to your ex? Just wait it out – This is how it goes, researchers from New York and New Jersey looks at the brain of an individual who has been recently rejected. According to them, part of the brain that responded to the experiment while the individual was looking to photos of her ex was the same area that is active when cocaine addicts experience cravings. You see? It is an addiction, but an addiction to a person can be broken, unlike any other addiction, IT TAKES TIME.
(7)   Your slim-down secret weapon: A bus pass – It is just simply saying that, one way to slim down is by taking a bus for a ride because according to scientists, it actually helps you to lose weight! Plus, it saves you from spending money on your gas and parking!
(8)   Free yourself from the fear of failure – We all have been talking about this, don’t be afraid, try it out and work it out. “Fear of failure is related to a form of perfectionism, specifically what researchers refer to as socially prescribed perfectionism” according to David E. Conroy, PhD.
(9)   Protect your skin like a pro – Summer is really ON! And it feels like you’re too tired to celebrate summer when the sun is tickling your skin too much! So here’s a tip. Use a sun block instead of sun screen, because sun block has more broad spectrum and usable on all skin types, causing less irritations. Also, reapply at least every two hours while outdoors.
(10)The benefits of saying Thank you- Don’t let good deeds go un-thanked. Saying thank you can actually lead you to an improved mood. Reflect on the ways that others might actually did something to you and touched you, recognize this people by just simply saying thank you.


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