Saturday, September 24, 2016

Why we keep on coming back?

Dear _____,

I have a song for you.
“True love they use to say won’t leave you astray, but hey babe we can start all over again, we’re going home”. There may be a hundred reasons why we failed in the first try, a hundred reasons why we broke up, a hundred reasons why we decided and called it quits. But if there’s one reason why we always wanted to come back, maybe that reason is too strong compared to the hundred reasons why we grow apart. That one reason maybe could bring us back together again. To start again, to add it in our memories, that time we might grow together again.

But people don’t always get lucky. Not all of us can get a second, third or fourth chances in lives. So when we have it, when we are able to grab those chances, we should keep it as an air in our lungs. Treasure it and don’t ever waste it.

Given us the familiarity, that certain voice or feelings, we should keep it alive. We should bury it in our hearts; no one can steal it, trust me it’s ours. 

This should be kept a worthwhile memory.


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